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IT work Yah!

Currently I work as an IT consultant at Most of my work is done at clients and revolving either Atlassian or Cloud Native work.
I do everything from consulting, teaching, writting blogposts, making videos and doing talks at meetups or conferences.

My biggest achivent sofar is the ASK project, where I combine my work with Atlassian with Kubernetes, running Atlassian software stack in Kubernetes. It supports both server and data center editions of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.

Here are some links to my work.

Repositories - My github account
Blogposts - A collection of blogposts made at Praqma.

Media - Videos and Talks.
Youtube channel - A link to my youtube channel.
High availability Kubernetes on bare metal - My talk at KubeCon in 2017 on how to achieve High availability in the Kubernetes control plane.
Rancher RKE install intro - A small video demonstrating my repo for creating KVM machines ready for Rancher RKE - Rancher Kubernetes Engine.
Migrating Jira project configuration with configuration manager - A demo of the Jira Configuration manager plugin.
Theres no Magic - My talk in 2019 at the DevOpsDays Copenhagen conference on the relationship between magic and embracing new technology.
An introduction to Kubernetes - My Introduction to Kubernetes in Hamburg at Container Days 2019.

Community work

Most of the community work I do currently, is done within the Cloud Native space. I'm a co-organizer in the Cloud Native Aarhus meetup group, organizing meetups around everything around Kubernetes.


Content on its way.


I have always been facinated by loudspeakers. Since an early age, I used the internet to learn as much as possible about them.
I bought any book or technical resource I could get my hands on. I soon found myself calculating boxes for friends and people that were
into car stereo. Later on I started to help people meassure loudspeakers and simulate crossovers for them. I always found it irritating
that simulation software was expensive, and since I couldn't afford it, I created my own, and put it out for free.

Edgy - Calculate baffel step and baffel difraction.
Speakerbuilder Pro - Box calcuating software. Both Closed and Reflex boxes are supported.
Box Builder - Calculate volume and meassurements for a car subwoofer with angled back
Duelund synkron - Calculate and download target curves for a Duelund synkron crossover


Contact information... to come.